There is a good piece by Andrew Marr in The Sunday Times today about his affection for the Polish community and its long history in this country. I have been working for two years or more on a film about the crucial role Polish pilots and ground crew played in the Battle of Britain and how, at the end of the war, an ungrateful 56% of the British public thought they should be repatriated (back to suspicion, arrest and sometimes execution in communist Poland). This is only a working title and mock-up poster:



But post-Brexit the story seems even more relevant than when we started. Filming is expected to begin next summer. Here’s hoping we get one like 1940 (in terms of weather I mean).


  1. j futrell

    The Poles sacrifice themselves to keep Britain free and fight alongside us to crush the Nazis but now, thanks to the likes of Farage, Johnson, Gove, EDS and The Daily Express the Poles are not even allowed to pick our cabbages. Slaughter by Stalin and Hitler and now rejected by the peoples they fought to save. No wonder they call us Perfidious Albion.
    Good mock up cover.


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