221b or not 221b

As a tie-in to the imminent release of the Dr Watson novel DEAD MAN’S LAND, Simon & Schuster has made available a free e-book of the Complete Sherlock Holmes. As part of the package they asked me to write an introduction, which I duly did. Then the artwork came. You do realise, I told them, that it wouldn’t say 221b above the door? That the ‘b’ signified Holmes’s and Watson’s lodgings, not the whole building? There would be a doorbell or door pull marked ‘b’. We’ll get letters, I said. My editors thought for a minute and said: We’ll get letters if we don’t put it there. Apparently Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss had similar discussions with their BBC Sherlock re-boot. In the end they decided the address was so iconic, the ‘b’ had to stay. And if it’s good enough for them….


Sherlock Holmes Ebook version 2





1 thought on “221b or not 221b

  1. Chris

    I’ve been able to acquire this on my Kindle in the US, but wondering if it will ever be available in the US officially. Even Amazon now shows it as unavailable, and I am reading a sample on my Nook (though unable to purchase). Your foreword is excellent, and I completely agree with your assessment of the character of Watson aligning with ACD. I’d always imagined I was reading through his eyes as opposed to a character he created to tell the narrative. I’m also trying to get a copy of Dead Man’s Land over here, but not having any luck.


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